Selecting Golf Clubs

How do you determine which golf clubs are best for you? Using appropriate golf clubs will dramatically improve your performance.
PING Golf Clubs and many other manufacturers make golf clubs that are suitable for all levels and abilities.

You need to consider the proper lie and the proper shaft flexibility. The shaft flexibility of your golf club is known as the bend or the flex. If you have a powerful swing, you will have improved control by using golf clubs with a lesser bend. Those who are new to golf, or those who have a less powerful swing would do better with increased flexibility.

Which golf clubs do you need? If you are you a new golfer, you should get a basic set of golf clubs. The basic set includes irons, putters, wedges, and drivers. It is essential that you use the proper type of golf club. You need to consider what your ability level is. Ability levels are: low handicaps; mid handicaps; high handicaps.

Low handicap golfers consistently have scores that are less than ten strokes over par. These golfers should have a minimum of one fairway wood, one driver, several lower irons, and at least 3 wedges: a pitching wedge; a sand wedge: either a lob wedge or approach wedge.

Mid handicap golfers, those with a handicap in the 11 to 20 range, should have all of the golf clubs that a low handicap golfer would have, plus they should add a 7-wood or a 9-wood. These woods will provide much better control and consistency than the long irons. Mid-handicap golfers should stick to the 3 and 9-irons and the same wedges that are recommended above.

Higher handicap golfers tend to be new to the game of golf, or those that have not mastered the basics of the game. These golfers usually shoot over 100. It is highly suggested that these golfers use the 3-wood for the tee off and they should add the 7 and 9-woods. It is recommended that these golfers use the same wedges as the low and mid handicap golfers.

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