How to Avoid Sand Traps on Your Golf Vacations

You just purchased that great new set of PING Golf Clubs, and want to go to an exotic location. Going on a golf vacation should be a great experience. However, there are several issues that you must look into in order to minimize a disappointing golf vacation.

  1. Course Surcharge: Upon arrival at your destination, you may be offered the opportunity to upgrade your package to a better golf course. This behavior is common in many areas. Unfortunately, the golf course that you are being offered as an “upgrade” may well be the course that you have already booked. Before accepting any upgrades, verify that the golf course is different than the one you have already booked, and if you can check to see if it is indeed, better.
  2. Cart Fees: Many people want to rent golf carts, but some people do not wish to rent them. Many golf courses require that you to rent a golf cart. Your vacation package may or may not have mentioned this within the details. Make sure that you know, in advance, whether or not golf cart fees are included in your vacation package, and whether golf cart rentals are required at all.
  3. Internet Deals: You can often get great golf vacation deals on the internet. Often, resellers sell these internet deals. These resellers may or may not have a good understanding of the area that you going to. If you are unfamiliar with an area, try to contact local experts to help you get a better understanding of an area.
  4. Is the “package” deal really a deal? Are you planning a trip to Hawaii or one of those European Golf Vacations? Often golf vacation packages can be a great deal. You can get greens fees, hotel accommodations, and sometimes, meals, drinks, and car rentals are included. However, sometimes, these package deals are not as good as they seem. You may be better off booking some or all of these items separately. You will never know how good the package is unless you compare prices. Sometimes the package deals may not offer any discount at all. In fact, sometimes the package deals may cost significantly more than booking the different aspects separately.

Go to your search engine of choice, and enter “golf in your-destination.” You will likely find many options. These tips should help to minimize a disappointing golf vacation. Now the only sand traps that you should be focused on avoiding on on the course.