PING Left Handed Golf Clubs

Are you left-handed? Many things in the world are geared towards right-handed people. It can be difficult to find appropriate tools that work well for the left-handed among us. What about golf clubs? Can you find left-handed golf clubs? Absolutely!

Many of the major golf club manufacturers such as PING, make the same golf clubs for both right-handed golfers as well as left-handed golfers. Naturally, there is a much greater demand for the right-handed clubs, so as you might expect, the manufacturers produce fewer left-handed clubs. So it may be more difficult to procure appropriate golf clubs for the left-handers.

But fear not, my southpaw friend. There is a solution. Golf clubs can be custom made. Custom-made golf clubs are a great option for those (left-handers and right-handers alike) who want perfectly fitted clubs. Of course, custom-made clubs are going to be very expensive, and therefore, they may not be suited for every budget.

If custom clubs are beyond your budget, and you are having a difficult time finding new left-handed clubs, you should consider used golf clubs. There are many high quality, used PING Golf Clubs available. These clubs are often available at a fraction of the cost of brand new PING Golf Clubs. Just remember to make sure that the serial numbers are evident and can be authenticated.

So fear not left-handers golfers. There are plenty of high quality new and used golf clubs available for you, including clubs made by premier golf club manufactures such as PING. Below is a sampling of left handed PING Golf Clubs that are available. Many are used and in great condition: