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Ebay Counterfeit Golf Club Scams

Buying golf clubs on ebay is great way to obtain high quality new and used golf clubs at a fraction of their original price. However, you must be aware, there are scam artists on ebay selling counterfeit golf clubs.

Try to buy from sellers who have very high ratings, ratings that are above 90%, and have had many transactions, greater than 50. Avoid sellers who have sold very few items and are offering high priced golf clubs at low prices. There is a fair chance that these are counterfeit golf clubs.

Scrutinize the Images:
Always examine the images of the item being sold. If the images are generic and look like the images that you would find on a manufacturer’s website, you have no way of knowing whether the golf clubs are genuine. Not being able to see the actual golf clubs increases the likelihood that the clubs that you would be buying would be counterfeit.

Ask Questions:
Inquire with the seller about having him of her send you additional images via email. If the seller is legitimate, then they will very likely be willing to provide these for you.

Ask the seller to provide serial numbers if applicable. PING Golf Clubs, and other manufacturers, provide serial numbers for their irons. If the seller is unwilling to provide the serial numbers for you, then you should move on to the next seller.

Buyer Protection Plan:
Check to see what type of buyer protection the seller is offering. Many counterfeiters will not offer PayPal Buyer Protection for the products that they are selling. If they do offer protection, they may only be offering a small amount of protection, perhaps $100 for golf clubs that they may be selling for over $500. In cases such as those, the seller would sell the counterfeit clubs for $500, and if the buyer were to file a claim with ebay, they buyer might able to recoup only $100. The seller of the counterfeit clubs would still be $400 ahead.

Informed buyers are less likely to become victims of counterfeit club scams. Be vigilant. If you encounter a seller that you think may be suspicious, report them to ebay immediately. Counterfeit sellers hurt everyone in the ebay community. Police the situation and keep the ebay community safe for everyone.

PING Left Handed Golf Clubs

Are you left-handed? Many things in the world are geared towards right-handed people. It can be difficult to find appropriate tools that work well for the left-handed among us. What about golf clubs? Can you find left-handed golf clubs? Absolutely!

Many of the major golf club manufacturers such as PING, make the same golf clubs for both right-handed golfers as well as left-handed golfers. Naturally, there is a much greater demand for the right-handed clubs, so as you might expect, the manufacturers produce fewer left-handed clubs. So it may be more difficult to procure appropriate golf clubs for the left-handers.

But fear not, my southpaw friend. There is a solution. Golf clubs can be custom made. Custom-made golf clubs are a great option for those (left-handers and right-handers alike) who want perfectly fitted clubs. Of course, custom-made clubs are going to be very expensive, and therefore, they may not be suited for every budget.

If custom clubs are beyond your budget, and you are having a difficult time finding new left-handed clubs, you should consider used golf clubs. There are many high quality, used PING Golf Clubs available. These clubs are often available at a fraction of the cost of brand new PING Golf Clubs. Just remember to make sure that the serial numbers are evident and can be authenticated.

So fear not left-handers golfers. There are plenty of high quality new and used golf clubs available for you, including clubs made by premier golf club manufactures such as PING. Below is a sampling of left handed PING Golf Clubs that are available. Many are used and in great condition:

Ping G5 3 Hybrid 19 Regular Left Handed Graphite Golf Club 3972
Ping G5 3 Hybrid 19 Regular Left Handed Graphite Golf Club 3972 $50.99
Time Remaining: 30m
Buy It Now for only: $50.99
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Left Hand Ping G5 7 Iron Individual Regular Orange Dot 225 Degrees Flat Value
Left Hand Ping G5 7 Iron Individual Regular Orange Dot 225 Degrees Flat Value $19.99
Time Remaining: 31m
Buy It Now for only: $19.99
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Ping G15 Iron Set 6 PW Stiff Left Handed Steel Golf Clubs 4304
Ping G15 Iron Set 6 PW Stiff Left Handed Steel Golf Clubs 4304 $193.99
Time Remaining: 35m
Buy It Now for only: $193.99
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Left Handed Ping Eye 2 Gorge 575 Sand Wedge Stiff Value
Left Handed Ping Eye 2 Gorge 575 Sand Wedge Stiff Value $19.99
Time Remaining: 37m

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Left Handed Ping Eye 2 Gorge 575 Sand Wedge Stiff Value
Left Handed Ping Eye 2 Gorge 575 Sand Wedge Stiff Value $24.99
Time Remaining: 39m
Buy It Now for only: $24.99
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Left Handed Ping Anser 2 Classic Standard Putter Very Good
Left Handed Ping Anser 2 Classic Standard Putter Very Good $79.99
Time Remaining: 39m

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PING Golf Clubs – Premium Golf Clubs like PING Clubs are Worth the Price

Which golf clubs should you buy? Buying golf clubs is a very personal thing. You can buy the lower end, cheap golf clubs. However, there is a huge difference between using a lower end golf club or a knockoff of a premium golf club and using one of the higher end premium golf clubs, such as Ping Golf Clubs. If you are using one of the lower end brands, we strongly suggest switching to Ping. You will see a tremendous difference in your game.

Why buy Ping? There are many reasons why Ping clubs are superior to the others. For instance, Ping offers customized fittings. We suggest that you spend time and speak with the Ping  representatives at one of their many demonstrations.

We strongly suggest that you purchase a set of Ping Golf Clubs. You will see a tremendous performance after using these golf clubs. We recommend the Ping 4-9 I3+ Irons, and 48, 52, 54, and 56 MB Wedges. You should expect to see a dramatic improvement in the flight of your golf balls. These new PING Irons should help to significantly improve the flight of your golf balls. The entire range of Ping clubs will improve and straighten in the flight of your golf balls, with much more predictable trajectory.

Ping clubs have customized lofting. We suggest starting with a 22 degree 4 Iron, with 4 degrees of loft change through the 9 iron, and set the MB wedges at 4 degree increments, beginning at 46 degrees. We find that this gives a very expected variance in distance between the clubs.

Ping Golf Clubs continues to set the standard for quality, customer service, and satisfaction. They may cost a little but more than other clubs, but they are absolutely worth it.

PING Golf Clubs – Highest Quality Golf Clubs from PING

PING Golf Clubs are considered by many to be among the best golf clubs in the world. These golf clubs are highly sought after by players of all levels. In golf, the right clubs can make all the difference.

Golfers, at all levels favor PING Golf Clubs. PING likely has a set of golf clubs that are appropriate for golfers at any level. Besides carrying all the golf clubs: woods; putters; irons; wedges, etc., PING also has many accessories and apparel. They carry nearly anything that a person might need to turn a casual hobby into a serious pursuit. PING makes golf clubs for golfers of all ages, sizes, and swing styles.

PING has earned a solid, deserved reputation for quality, reliability, and expertise. PING Golf Clubs are not inexpensive. They are more expensive than some other golf clubs. However PING Golf Clubs are considered as an investment by many serious golfers. PING Golf Clubs are known for their ability to perform and stand up to even the harshest elements. Their quality and performance in all conditions easily justifies the higher prices.

Although PING Golf Clubs are a favorite with professional players, they are also a favored by casual weekend golfers, amateurs and even golf students. The PING quality and craftsmanship give golfers the confidence that their equipment will perform at an exceptional level. This allows them to focus on their game without having to concern themselves with the clubs.

PING Golf Clubs stand behind their products. If you would like to see the craftsmanship involved in the creation of these exceptional golf clubs, PING welcomes you to visitor and tour their factory. The factory is located in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Also, if you are looking for a personal fitting, they will even take people walking in off the street without a reservation.


PING Golf Clubs – A Brief History of PING Golf Clubs

How did PING Golf Clubs get started? Karsten Solheim, was a mechanical engineer with General Electric working mostly in aerospace and computer industries. He was not satisfied with his putting skills. He decided to design his own putter in his garage. Today, PING manufactures some of the highest quality, state-of-the-art, golf clubs and game improvement products in the world. It remains a family owned company. Their products are sold in more than 70 countries. The golf clubs are used by tournament professional golfers as well as budding amateurs.

The name PING comes from the pinging sound that can be heard as the golf ball is hit by the metal golf club. The PING putters revolutionized the golf putter market with the heel-to-toe weighting design. Many people are amazed by the ping. Sports Illustrated magazine referred to the PING 1A as the musical putter for the sweet sound that it emitted.

Not content with putters, in 1961, Solheim invented his first set of irons. He named the irons 69. He considered a score of 69 to be a good round of golf. He continued to fine tune the heel-toe weightings in his irons. He added a cavity in the steel back of the irons for added forgiveness.

In 1966, the United States Golf Association deemed nearly every PING putter as unacceptable for tournament play. The only PING putter that was deemed acceptable for tournament play was the recently design Anser putter.

The Anser would become the most influential putter in golf. With its cavity back and low center of gravity, this putter provided superior feel for golfers of all abilities. It set the standard for what is now considered the conventional putter. With more than 500 professional tournament wins, the PING Anser has become the putter with the most wins in history.

PING Golf Clubs For Sale

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